Pawel Piotr Gorajski

Pawel Piotr Gorajski (Lublin, 18 February 1987) is an Italian composer and conductor, considered one of the most interesting talents of recent decades. He started studying music at the age of 8, presenting his compositions in concert since the age of 10.

Fascinated by sacred music, Pawel began to study the organ, Gregorian chant and polyphony at 15, and he has been an organist and Kapellmeister since then. He graduated with honours in Composition and Orchestral Conducting at the S. Cecilia Conservatory, immediately drawing the attention of his masters. While still a student, he was asked to conduct important institutional concerts on behalf of the Conservatory. He is the first student in the history of the Conservatory to get the highest marks in all counterpoint and fugue exams, being rewarded with the live performance of his exam compositions. Luciano Pelosi writes about him: "Gorajski is distinguished by his great creativity, tenacity in his studies, passion for music that has already made him one of the most interesting composers / musicians of his generation."

Gorajski later studied organ and improvisation with Theo Flury and he attended several orchestral conducting masterclasses given by such masters as Michael Luig and Michel Tabachnik.

As orchestra conductor, he has collaborated with various orchestras: Orchestre Symphonique du Mont-Blanc and Mission Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra and choir of St. Cecilia Conservatory, Franco Ferrara Orchestra, Kaposoka Orchestra. He is the creator and founder of various orchestral and choral concerts such as the White Symphony Orchestra in 2014 for the Festival Caffeina Cultura, the Clepsydra Chamber Choir & Orchestra for Asian Film Media Festival in collaboration with the MACRO Museum in Rome.

To date, he has performed at: Palazzo Brancaccio (Rome), Teatro Eliseo (Rome), Teatro Careni (Pieve di Soligo), Teatro Nuovo (Salsomaggiore), Teatro Goldoni (Venice), Teatro Carani (Sassuolo), Teatro Bramante (Urbania) , Teatro Giuditta Pasta (Saronno), Castello Orsini- Cesi (Sant'Angelo Romano), Teatro Verdi (Padua), Parco del Paradosso (Viterbo), Academic Hall of S. Cecilia Conservatory (Rome), MACRO Museum of Contemporary Art (Rome), Teatro dell'Orologio (Rome), Teatro S. Carluccio (Naples), Basilica of S. Maria di Castello (Genoa), Fortaleza (Luanda), Italian Embassy in Luanda, Embassy of the Ivory Coast in Rome, Angolan Embassy in Rome, Angolan Auditorium EXPO 2015 (Milan).

Defined by many as "the director with good sound", he has always been distinguished for his humanity and has always found public and critical success. Mario Dal Bello writes that "Gorajski is a young, slender, elegant and very, very precise gentleman, who reminds us of Claudio Abbado."

His compositional activity ranges from jazz music to sacred music, from symphonic to film music. Gorajski has composed more than fifty pieces including motets, madrigals, songs, chamber music, a piano and orchestra concert and a symphonic poem.

In May 2016 he was invited by the Sovrintendenza Capitolina ai Beni Culturali (the regional board of the ministry of cultural heritage) and Zètema Progetto Cultura to present the première of his composition for violin and piano during the "SuonaRoma" exhibition at the Sala di Pietro da Cortona in Campidoglio.

As an applied music composer, he collaborated with the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, the Academy of Dramatic Art Silvio d'Amico and Interocrea Festival, presenting his stage music in Naples and Rome in 2008 for the show "La Congettura" (directed by Andrea Vellotti). He also wrote the music for the comedy "Rumors" directed by Massimo Chiesa at Milan's Teatro Manzoni during the 2009/2010 season.

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