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Matteo Galli

Matteo Galli born in 1971, he got his graduation in organ and composition at the Conservatoire of Piacenza with full marks. He attended to several specialization courses, with Ch. Stembridge, E. Kooiman, M. Torrent and, above all, those held by M. Radulescu in the Cathedral of Cremona (between 1987 and 1989), the Conservatoire of Toulouse and at the Academie d'orgue of Porrentruj (Switzerland).

He carries on an intense concert activity (Europe, USA, Russia) above all as a soloist and taking place to qualified organ concert seasons and also in cooperation with important and various vocal and instrument ensemble. He performed with the jazz saxophonist Emanuele Cisi and he constantly plays as a duo (organ and piano) with Francesco Attesti. He is often invited to take concert-lessons and master-classes in the most important conservatoires and school of music.

He is the chief organist and music director at the Basilica di Santa Maria presso San Satiro and the Basilica of San Giorgio al Palazzo, both in the center of Milan. He has founded and still directs the instrumental ensemble Academia Sancti Satyri mediolani with whom he develops the liturgical services during the year.

He is involved in a deeply activity of exploitation and safeguard of the huge patrimony of Italian ancients surviving instruments. He contributes in a work of research and indexing with the local offices of the cultural and environment department. He looked after several restorations as a technical consultant and he wrote several articles and monographs dedicated to the ancient Italian organ builders.

Besides the activity as a musician he is also concerned in organizing festivals and, above all, he is involved in production and realization of plenty of concerts as an artistic manager. He has cooperated, and still does, with the most representative musical institutions of Milan.

He has founded the cultural society Le Voci della Città (City Voices), one of the most important realities in the cultural outline of Milan. He is the artistic director of the didactical and musical programs at the Museum of Musical instruments of Milan that are involving thousand of children, schools, family and even mental disabled.

For several years, he has been the leading manager of the Ensemble Zefiro, a instrumental group composed by the most important European musicians specialized in performances with classical and baroque wind instruments. With this ensemble there have been important tours all around Europe in 2001 and in South America and United States between 2002 and 2003.

He was also the artistic director of the Society for the retrieval and exploitation of the ancients organs of Cortona (Tuscany – Italy).

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